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Calculated Industries Construction Master Plus EZ Prompting Calculator

Fill in the numbers you know and let this construction math calculator do the rest. More

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Buttoning Up

With winter coming on, Maine contractors are pushing to get their projects... More

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Settling Construction Disputes

As a contractor, you have a 1 in 4 chance that a lawsuit will be filed against you. More

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Low-VOC Adhesive

Latex-based Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is gunnable in a wide range... More

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That's About the Size of It

Where does the Lowe's ruling on lumber labeling leave those of us in the construction industry? More

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A Passive House Consultant's Toolkit

In addition to the training, here are the tools you'll need to design a Passive... More

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Conventional Roof Framing: A Code's-Eye View

When it’s boiled down, there are essentially two standard methods of roof... More

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Versatex VC Stealth Window Trim

Grooved to accept any siding product, without shims, this cellular PVC trim is... More

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Debarking Red Cedar Logs

Tips and tools for debarking cedar logs for use as rustic-looking porch posts. More

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Watertight Replacement Windows

Flashing windows is not just for new construction. Here are details on how to help... More

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