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Why Use a 'Time Is of the Essence' Provision in Contracts?

Most construction projects have a specific time frame, and if completion is delayed, they look to the contract for recourse. More

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How to Conduct a Job Start Review

If you work with employees or subs, you need to be clear about what, exactly, the... More

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Scheduling With Post-it Notes

When I was in commercial construction, I used formal scheduling procedures on all... More

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Basic Scheduling for Increased Efficiency

A combination of to-do lists, paper calendars, and a computer contact manager... More

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Strictly Business: Beating Remodeler’s Stress

Beating the stress of running a remodeling business More

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Legal Adviser: Protect Yourself Against Sub Delays

Protecting yourself against sub delays More

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Delivering Exceptional Service

A Midwestern remodeler shares the customer service methods that have worked for her business to boost client satisfaction and generate referrals. More

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Strictly Business: Guarantee Your Completion Dates

Guaranteeing your completion dates More

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Good Subs, Great Work

A project manager tells how he communicates with subcontractors to ensure work of the highest quality. More

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Getting the Final Payment

If you’ve ever had a problem collecting that last check, you’ll appreciate the... More

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