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Preventing Shower Curb Problems

The key is meticulous waterproofing, even where you might not think it's necessary. More

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Prepping for Outdoor Patio Tile Installation

Detail the substrate properly for a long-lasting floor. More

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NativeStone Sinks Offer Beauty with Heft

Formed from modified concrete, Native Trail’s new line of kitchen and bath sinks... More

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Rock Breaking With Micro Blaster

The Micro-Blaster system is inexpensive, easy to use, and requires no license or... More

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Leaking Shower Pans: How Far to Go?

If not properly detailed, tile shower pans are prone to leaking at joints.... More

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Concrete Lumber Co. Posts, Beams, Joists, and Decking

Half the weight of standard concrete by volume and able to flex like wood without... More

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GlassCraft LVL Plank-Style Doors

The laminated veneer lumber cores in GlassCraft’s plank-style doors should make... More

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Chinese Authorities Crack Down On Apartment-Top Mountain Villa

Houses on top of apartment buildings are a thing in China. But this time, the... More

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Slab Repair

Abatron’s BestBond Crack Repair liquid-epoxy compound goes on with a standard... More

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