Curing Blankets

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Put Your Construction Business Purchasing Systems to Work

In July we discussed the basics of a purchasing system, and how it can help you... More

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Better Concrete Garage Floors

Ten tips for pouring stronger, crack-free concrete slabs. More

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Breathable Drop Cloths for Freshly Finished Surfaces

The SurfacePro drop cloth is designed specifically for newly finished hardwood... More

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Dressing Up an Eyebrow Dormer

Use this no-math template method to match complex shapes with heat-formed PVC trim. More

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Bending Trex

Special heating blankets were used to form the tight curves of this pool's... More

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Curing Concrete in Hot Weather

Q. I've recently moved my contracting business to the South. Concrete finishers here tell me that a slab poured outside on a hot day won't cure properly unless it's kept wet. They do this by having someone periodically spray the slab with water from a hos More

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Q&A: Excavating in Frozen Ground

Q. What’s the most cost-effective way to thaw a site for excavation? We are building a 16x24-foot addition with a crawlspace underneath, and the frost is already 12 inches deep. More

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Tips for Crack-Free Concrete Slabs

A construction superintendent from Canada explains how to prep the subgrade and... More

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Casting Concrete Countertops

Use this shop-fabricated approach to concrete countertops to improve quality and cut installation time from days to hours. More

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Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco

A veteran stucco contractor and industry expert describes the ingredients that... More

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