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Judge Rules Outer Banks Vacation Complex "Not a Single-Family Home"

A 20,000-square-foot beachfront mansion should not have been approved, a North... More

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From Miami Beach, Optimistic Talk on Sea Level Rise

"Generations adapt," says assistant city manager Susanne Torriente More

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Armoring the Shore Risks Ecological Damage, Say Scientists

Government researchers are taking a closer look at the Chesapeake Bay's... More

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In the D.C. Market, Mixed Feelings about Teardowns

Teardowns are changing the face of the Washington, D.C., suburbs — and nostalgia... More

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Maine Waterfront Redevelopment Issue Could Go to Voters

Portland, Maine political activists are pushing to have the fate of a waterfront... More

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Compromise Clears Way for Outer Banks Bridge (Maybe)

Environmental groups have settled their case with the North Carolina Department of... More

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Jersey Flood Zone Rule Change Ruffles Feathers

State officials say their rewrite of flood zone rules makes life easier, but critics see a conflict with federal regulations. More

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Bethesda Builders Sound Off on Tree Canopy Issue

Builders in Bethesda, Maryland didn’t like it when a local news outlet called what... More

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Land Scarcity Holds Florida Homebuilders in Check

Demand is strong, but the lack of available land is keeping Florida homebuilders... More

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North of New York, the Water is Hot, Hot, Hot

Near the beach in the upscale bedroom communities of Connecticut, home construction is red hot — and teardowns are at the center of the action. More

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