Dining Room

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A Cabinet Becomes a Door

The correct hinge and clever carpentry make a closet door disappear into the... More

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Building Freestanding Walls

John LaTorre Jr. shows how to build a wall that's an independent structure when... More

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Basement Stairs Transplant

Stacking the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor opens up the... More

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Making Room for a Bigger Kitchen

A deft reworking of existing space produces an expansive hub for cooking and... More

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Period Kitchen Remodel

Vintage details and clever reorganization help an updated space blend into an old... More

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By Design: Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen

Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen More

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Kitchen & Bath: Under-counter appliances

Under-counter appliances More

Tags: Appliances, Kitchen, Cabinets, Dining Room, Bedroom
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By Design: Defining Rooms in an Open Plan

Defining rooms in an open plan More

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Designing Balanced Lighting

A lighting designer explains why most rooms require light from a variety of... More

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By Design: Breaking Up Boxiness

Creating flow and visual links between rooms More

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