Disaster Resistant Building

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Charleston Adapts to Sea-Level Rise

When you live in the Low Country, a rising ocean is not just a theory. More

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As Flood Maps Change, Cape Cod Builders Elevate

New FEMA flood zone maps are pushing builders to set new homes on pilings. More

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New Deadline for FEMA Sandy Claim Review: October 15

FEMA is giving homeowners another month to request a review of their Hurricane... More

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After the Boulder Flood

When the flooding stops, the cleanup begins. More

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Heavy Lift

Raising 250 tons of house safely above the flood More

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A Pier-and-Beam Foundation For a Coastal Site

Where unstable soil and periodic tidal flooding are a concern, helical piers... More

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Floating Out the Storm

The devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina set Bill and Bryan Spatz in... More

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Hurricane-Resistant Concrete Homes

Following the 2004 hurricane season, Florida-based Mercedes Homes paired up with... More

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