Drain Entrapment

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Curbless Shower Retrofit

Providing drainage when you can’t change the framing More

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The drain-waste-vent (DWV) system is the first plumbing to be installed in a house. It includes the sewer lines, building drain lines, fixture traps and plumbing vents. More

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Connecting a Dishwasher Drain Hose

Is it better to run the dishwasher drain into the kitchen sink drain or directly into the waste line? More

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Lineup of Linear Shower Drains

An installer's look at a selection of current products More

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California Faucet ZeroDrain

Rather than the usual protruding stopper and lift rod, this drain has a "pop-down"... More

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Preventing Shower Curb Problems

The key is meticulous waterproofing, even where you might not think it's necessary. More

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Leaking Shower Pans: How Far to Go?

If not properly detailed, tile shower pans are prone to leaking at joints.... More

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Kerdi Tileable Drain

Covering support consists of a stainless steel plate with a coating that allows... More

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Q&A: The Best Way to Repair a Hole in a Concrete Slab Before Tiling Over?

Michael Byrne, a veteran tile installer and consultant, explains two scenarios:... More

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American Standard Walk-in Bath

The watertight outward-opening door on American Standard's Walk-in Bath makes it... More

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