Electrical Codes

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After Debate, Alabama Retains Arc-Fault Requirement for New Houses

Alabama's building code will continue to reference the National Electrical Code (NEC), which requires arc-fault circuit interruptors. More

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Pigtails for Switches?

Is there any advantage to wiring switches with pigtails? More

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Q&A: Sizing Electrical Boxes

What are the guidelines for determining box size, and how can you prevent overcrowding? More

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Q&A: Outlet on Boxed Column

If you box in a Lally column in a finished basement, does code require that you... More

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Standard Writing Groups Sue In Copyright Claim

Federal courts have ruled that building codes, once adopted into law, can’t be copyrighted. A new lawsuit will test whether that principle also allows free re-publishing of ASTM standards and similar industry-created consensus-based rules. More

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Simpler Solar Panel Assemblies

Cost and complexity are the two main reasons you don't see a photovoltaic array on... More

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Duct Chases and Electrical Wiring

Is it okay to fish electrical wiring through the wood-framed chases built around hvac ducts and chimneys? More

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Pancake Boxes and Ceiling Fixtures

Q: To retrofit light fixtures for old plaster ceilings that will be covered with new drywall, I plan to screw 1/2-inch-deep metal pancake boxes into the lathe of the existing ceilings and hang the new drywall around the boxes. But my electrician wants to cut into the ceiling and install deeper ceiling boxes, which will require additional blocking and more labor. He says that 31/2-inch-diameter by 1/2-inch-deep pancake boxes don't have sufficient fill capacity to make the electrical connection; is he right? More

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