Energy-Efficient Construction

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A New Way to Meet the Energy Code

Compliance with the energy code is getting simpler, and it affords more... More

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Finally, a Garage With an Air Barrier

When Allison Bailes goes into a home under construction, one thing he always looks... More

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Sealing Framing to Foundation

Matt applies Prosoco's R-Guard fluid-applied flashing to the joint between the foundation and the framing. More

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Framing Tip: Super Sill Sealer

Matt Risinger discusses the importance of air-sealing at the framing stage, and shows and alternative to ordinary foam sill seal. More

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Attaching a Deck to a Superinsulated Fat Wall

Specialized standoff hardware helps maintain an airtight envelope More

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Fixing the Bonus Room

A room over the garage shouldn’t always be a warranty issue More

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Bring Ventilation Ductwork Inside Conditioned Space

This one should be obvious to avoid condensation build-up (and ice in winter) in... More

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BioPCM: Smart Thermal Mass Using Phase Change Material

Small pockets of waxy material with a controlled melting point passively store and... More

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The Energy Crises of the 70s

History 101: Rembering the springboard for the U.S. environmental movement and... More

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