Energy-Efficient Design

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Bring Ventilation Ductwork Inside Conditioned Space

This one should be obvious to avoid condensation build-up (and ice in winter) in... More

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The Energy Crises of the 70s

History 101: Rembering the springboard for the U.S. environmental movement and... More

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Substituting Solar Panels for Insulation in the Energy Code

The ERI path allows buildings to comply with the energy code in a completely... More

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An Insulated Slab for the Deep South

Even in "Hotlanta," sub-slab insulation pays off in the wintertime. More

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Atlanta Bungalow Sub-Slab Insulation

Take a look at the construction details for an insulated slab in Atlanta. More

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Serious Training in Deep Energy Retrofits

Engineer extraordinaire, Marc Rosenbaum, teaches a course on the the best strategies to fix existing buildings. More

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