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Noritz Introduces CB Series Boilers for Plumbing and Hydronic Heating

The high-efficiency units can serve a variety of water and space heating needs More

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Why 'Energy-Saving' Tips Suck

The truth is that commonly espoused energy-saving tips are worthless. We look at... More

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Builder's Guide to Windows

There are more than 100 million homes and approximately 20 billion square feet of... More

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Attic Insulation for Hot Climates?

Q: Builders in cold climates often go beyond code-required attic insulation levels... More

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Brighter Fan Lights

Broan and NuTone recently announced that they've improved the lighting for their... More

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JLC Report: Big Builders Push for Energy-Efficiency Initiative

Big builders push for energy-efficiency initiative; remodeling shows signs of rebound; San Francisco battles sewer sludge; more More

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Massachusetts Towns Debate Stretch Code

Massachusetts Towns Debate Stretch Code More

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Earthcraft on the Virginia Shore

Earthcraft on the Virginia Shore More

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JLC Report: Massachusetts Stretches for Higher Home-Energy Scores

Massachusetts stretches for higher homeenergy scores; lack of energy-efficiency training impedes job growth; Energy Star tightens requirements for product certification; more More

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In the News

Boulder, Colo., builders get a tax reprieve; jury rejects first FEMA trailer lawsuit; an update on the New London, Conn., eminent domain case; more More

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