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Top Engineer Offers Wood Construction Tutorial

Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus Frank Woeste is offering a soup-to-nuts short... More

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Rule of Thumb for Sizing Headers

Don't trust old adages about making a header. More

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Floating a Boathouse

Working underwater raises a landmark above water More

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Guía de la Construcción Española Disponible

A Spanish-language version of the AWC's popular Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck... More

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Strapping Ceilings

Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs... More

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House Move: Saving a Luxury Home From Beach Erosion

When a compromised island setting requires moving not one, but four, massive... More

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Gold Coat Joist Hangar Hardware

Engineered for corrosive environments, such as right on the ocean. More

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Readers Comment on Decks, Joist Spans, and Faux Stone

Reader comments and author replies on "Strong, Safe Decks (Sep/13), continuous joists (Q&A, Oct/13), and stone veneer (Sep/13). More

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Manufactured Shear-Wall Components

For builders working in seismic zones or hurricane country, any structure has to... More

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