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The Carpenters' Company

Our American legacy is one of intense cooperation among builders and wide-spread... More

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The Artful Side of Estimating

Staying profitable requires more than just counting sticks. More

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Three Ways to Price Yourself Out of Business

Stay out of trouble by avoiding these common mistakes. More

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A Visual Guide to Understanding Markup and Margin

To successfully price a job, there are a few basic terms you need to understand. More

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Projecting Markup, Margin, and Sales

Start by using these simple formulas. More

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Charging for the Estimate

How to avoid giving away a lot of free work More

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Sales: Effective Questioning

Using a questioning strategy to narrow down the project's budget will help you... More

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Contractors, Is Your Pricing Really Fair?

Here are 3 considerations to determine if your pricing is "fair" More

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Estimating Spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet adjusts your estimates to account for economies of scale. More

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