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How to Build Cambered Columns from PVC Boards

A straight taper at the bottom transitions to a curve at the top, making for some careful millwork. More

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Basic Pattern-Routing for Perfect Tread Returns

As a full-time stairbuilder, I've learned that I can't always rely on premilled... More

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Classy Wrought-Iron Railings

Solid, classy, wrought-iron rails More

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The Ultimate Work Trailer

This custom-made rig stores tools and supplies, hauls material, and serves as a... More

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Storms and Screens for Metal Casement Windows

Q: My clients love the look of the original diamond-grid metal casement windows in their historic stone house, but they are not happy with the windows' performance in cold winter weather. The outswinging casements have been fitted with fixed interior stor More

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Supporting a Wide-Span Floor With Structural Steel

Sculptural steel columns and beams turned a two-car garage into a two-story living space More

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Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof

A good plan and shop-made parts simplify this classy detail. More

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Q&A: Rebuilding Rotted Windows

Q. As a handyman, one of the problems I see most often is rotted wood trim on windows and doors (for example, brick moldings, sills, and the bottoms of side jambs). Moldings are not usually a difficult fix, but repairing or replacing wood members that are integral to the window or door unit (particularly if it's a double window or a door unit with sidelights) is difficult without weakening the unit. Can you provide guidance about when to repair or replace the rotted wood and how to do it, or whether to simply replace the unit? More

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A Simple Vaulted Ceiling

Attaching scribed OSB gussets to scissors trusses converts an angled cathedral ceiling to a graceful curve. More

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Compact excavators, hole saws with stamina, an easy-open utility knife, acrylic block windows, a drywall suspension system for domes, high-capacity toolbags, PVC railings, more More

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