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Five Most Common Plumbing Code Violations

Red flags to watch before the next plumbing inspection. More

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Gerber Adds One-Piece Toilet to Wicker Park Suite

The sleek one-piece design complements the collection's architectural style More

Tags: Toilets, Bath, Fixtures, Gerber, Baths
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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Is using a grounding screw required when working with metal electrical boxes? And what about grounding when using plastic boxes? More

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Progress Lighting Dazzle Collection

Glass beads inside clear shades create a nostalgic effect. More

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Venting a Sewage Ejector Tank

What is the proper way to vent a system that uses a sewage ejector tank? More

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NativeStone Sinks Offer Beauty with Heft

Formed from modified concrete, Native Trail’s new line of kitchen and bath sinks... More

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Danze Parma Trim Line Faucets

Danze’s new Neo Retraction weight system can be adjusted without tools and will be... More

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Proposal to Require Hot Water Pipe Insulation

To curtail wasted water and energy, the NRDC and the UA propose that all hot water piping systems in new buildings be insulated, such as those serving lavatories, showers, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. More

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Swithc Lighting Infina LED Bulb

The Infina LED bulb screws into any fixture made for a standard Edison bulb, turns... More

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Universal Design Becoming Common in Bathroom Design

Universal design for the bathroom is catching on with contractors and designers. More

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