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Rethinking Window Flashing

Flashing windows the "right way" requires three sets of instructions - for the... More

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Weather Barriers and Flashing

Proper installation of a water-resistive barrier, or WRB—preferably with a rainscreen behind the siding—enables us to build resilient homes that will last for generations. More

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Step Flashing vs. Continuous Flashing

Do a little homework before abandoning the decades-long practice of using step... More

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True Through-Wall Flashing for Brick Veneer

At the sloped wall-to-roof intersection on a brick-veneer house, installing true... More

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Installing Continuous Flashing

Code specialist, Glenn Mathewson, takes a look at a recent IRC provision allowing... More

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Proper Width of Window Flashing Tape

It can be tricky to determine a minimum width when the window manufacturer refers to the code or the flashing-tape instructions, and the flashing-tape instructions and the code both refer you back to the window manufacturer or flashing-tape instructions. More

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April 2015 Letters

Step flashing; air-sealing; buried outlets; framing roofs; uneven insulation;... More

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Best-Practice Apron Flashing

For a more-effective and better-looking result, integrate the exposed apron with... More

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Door and Window Defects Added to Disclosure List

In Illinois, the disclosure list gets longer, specifically calling out moisure... More

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January 2015 Letters

Plan for reroofing when installing step flashing and counterflashing on a stucco... More

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