Fly Ash Concrete

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Best Mix for Pumped Concrete

Plans for an infill project call for a poured stem-wall foundation, but the urban site has limited access for a regular concrete truck. A pumper truck would be ideal, but I'm concerned that the pumped mix won't provide the required 4,000-psi concrete. Is this a legitimate concern? More

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Clips for flat tiles; mounting blocks; aluminum-and-glass railing; crawlspace ventilation; fibercement siding panels; more More

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In the News

Chinese drywall investigated in Florida; West Virginia builder sued for installing fake radon systems; green building stats fall short; more More

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Kitchen & Bath

Countertops; art tile More

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Replacing a Beach-House Foundation

A modified mat slab saved this cottage from the sea. More

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Steel header retrofit, retaining wall basics, fly ash concrete, in praise of Palms... More

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Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

There’s more to concrete than water, cement, sand, and stone. An experienced batch plant manager talks about the admixtures that help you match the mix to the job. More

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Trade Talk: Algae on Asphalt Shingles

Algae on asphalt shingles More

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Backfill: A Concrete Slab for Y3K

A temple built to last a thousand years More

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Coping with the labor shortage, water heater failures, higher fly ash content in concrete, new home ventilation standard More

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