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Panned Bays

Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system? More

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Ultraviolet Lamps and Improved Air Quality

Are ultraviolet (UV) lamps in an HVAC system an effective way to disinfect the air and improve air quality? More

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Cordless Jobsite Forced-Air Heater

Warm up to 800 square feet for up to 12 hours with this portable propane unit. More

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Vent-Pipe Boot Repair

Instead of ripping out and replacing a leaking pipe boot, try a noninvasive... More

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Retrofitting a Heat-Recovery Ventilator

The challenges are finding a good place for the unit and installing the ductwork without butchering interior finishes. More

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Ductwork That Works

Air distribution is the weak link in many heating and cooling systems. Good... More

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Air Leaks: Hidden Moisture Movers

Along the coast where wind-blown rain is a regular weather feature, it's no... More

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Rebuilding the Gulf: Cooling Strategies for the Gulf Coast

In the hot, humid South, it's not enough to install high-efficiency air... More

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Installing High-Velocity HVAC

Streamlined ductwork, flexible vent placement, and efficient year-round... More

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Pressure-Testing Ductwork

Everyone talks about the importance of sealed ductwork, but the only way to be... More

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