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Durable Footer Form

Cardboard forms work fine as long as it doesn't rain before the concrete arrives. More

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Insulating With Exterior Spray Foam

Closed-cell foam acts as air-sealing, insulation, and secondary drainage plane in... More

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All-in-One Footing and Pier Form

Tapered, snap-together formwork includes pre-bent rebar cut to size. More

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Adding Underneath a Hillside Home

A steep slope and a tight lot call for some imaginative foundation solutions. More

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Super-Insulated Slab Foundations

Compacted drainage stone and a thick layer of foam prevent frost damage and keep... More

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Using Bending Rail

Laminating a curved stair rail takes sturdy forms and a lot of clamps. More

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Beyond the Basics With ICFs

Curved walls and arch-topped openings are possible with standard blocks. More

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On the Job: ICF Retaining Wall

ICF retaining wall; no-sweat plumbing; overhead lift trailer More

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