Grinding and Grooving

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Dust Collector for Hand-Held Grinders

The DustBuddie is a clear plastic shroud that replaces the factory guard on most... More

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Still Grinding After 200 Years

Andy Shrake fixes windmills. Not the newfangled kilowatt-generating type, but the... More

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Coping Trim With a Grinder

A high-quality angle grinder makes quick work of intricate copes in hardwood crown. More

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Toolbox: Heavy Hitters: 40-Pound Demolition Hammers

40-pound demolition hammers More

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Toolbox: House Calls from a Drill Doctor

The drill doctor comes to call More

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Making Brick Repairs Disappear

Initial foundation settlement can leave vertical cracks in brick veneer cladding,... More

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Sawing Concrete

A specialty contractor explains how he uses a track-mounted saw and a diamond... More

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Toolbox: RotoZip Proves Its Versatility

RotoZip review More

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Backfill: Wide World of Grit

NASCAR beware! Belt sander racing is on the rise More

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Toolbox: Segmental Arches

Layout tool for segmental arches More

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