Gross Profit

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Estimating: From Yellow Pad to Excel Spreadsheet

As your business grows, you'll need to develop an estimating system that does more... More

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Four Common Delusions Among Contractors

Contractors are often their own worst enemies. Here are four ways they make it... More

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Nothing but Net

Judging a company's profitability based on gross profit can be misleading. Your... More

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Do the Math - Overhead & Profit

In this segment of Do the Math, we look at two numbers that every contractor needs... More

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Control Costs With a Purchasing System

For the past several columns we've been talking about the importance of gross... More

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Protecting Profits in Your Construction Business

Let's begin this month by reviewing some basic financial concepts and benchmarks. More

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If Time Is Money, How Can I Control the Clock?

Knowing how many jobs you need to complete and collect for on a monthly and... More

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Before You Drop Your Prices, Read This

Has it ever occurred to you that dropping your prices to stay in business could... More

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Determining Your Break-Even Point

Like many small contractors, you probably want your business to grow and produce... More

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Looking Beyond the Bottom Line

Too often, business owners will print a profit-and-loss statement (P&L, also called an income statement) and then look at just the bottom line net profit. More

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