High-Performance Building

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CertainTeed's High Performance Habito Drywall

Products editor Lauren Hunter teams up with high-performance builder Matt Risinger... More

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December 2014 Letters

House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high More

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Framing a Two-Pitch I-Joist Roof

To maintain a continuous air barrier, special attention needed to be paid to the... More

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How Small Jobs Killed My Business

Chasing energy rebates takes the focus off solving problems and puts it on getting... More

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Solving for Comfort With a 'Smart' Thermostat

Tracking temperature, humidity, set point, and equipment runtime can uncover the... More

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Adding an Insulated Envelope

An airtight "puff jacket" achieves near Passive House levels. More

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Monitoring Home Performance

Certain home performance problems are hard to catch because you may not be at the... More

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More Than 'Tips' Needed to Improve Energy Efficiency

A thorough, step-by-step analysis that treats the home as an integrated system is the only route to true performance improvements, including lower energy bills and better indoor air quality. More

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Building a Passive House for the First Time

Builder Farley Pedler delves into high-efficiency Passive House construction by... More

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A Look Through European Windows

A behind-the-scenes look at the materials and methods used in making... More

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