Historic Preservation

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Building a Federal Mantel

For production efficiency, break the job down into components More

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The Carpenters' Company

Our American legacy is one of intense cooperation among builders and wide-spread... More

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All Roads Lead to ‘D’

While restoring an entry for an 18th-century taven, the secret to classical... More

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Lowering the Lights

Two tons of chandelier makes a controlled descent More

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Blending Old and New Building Technologies

Wall assemblies combine clay and straw with Larsen trusses and a timber frame. More

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Historic Styles - Slideshow

A general overview of how casing styles developed in this country More

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When Work And Life Overlap

Roe Osborn admires the fine quality (and eclectic) interior details found in this... More

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Moving a Lighthouse? No Big Deal

Moving a lighthouse a few hundred feet is all in a day’s work for house mover... More

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