Historical Restoration

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All Roads Lead to ‘D’

While restoring an entry for an 18th-century taven, the secret to classical... More

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Galveston Craftsman Makes His Mark with Salvaged Wood

What's old is new again in the hands of Galveston, Texas, woodworker Scott Hanson. More

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Fixing a Poorly Flashed Cupola

What we found was a poor trim design, a half-hearted repair, and a whole bowl of ‘... More

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Historic Styles - Slideshow

A general overview of how casing styles developed in this country More

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Island House Makeover: Starts at the Bottom

Coastal Connection follows along as a Maine design/build firm starts a bottom-up... More

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Improving on the Past

Sal Alfano, editorial director of REMODELING, and Dave Merrill, owner of Merrill... More

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