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Housing as Infrastructure?

WIth new attention brought to the nation's infrastructure, John McManus points to... More

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Looking for Clarity in an Uncertain Time

Industry leaders reflect on the impacts of a Trump presidency on trade,... More

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Brown Out

The California governor got handed his head for trying to un-entrench special... More

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Millennials and Boomers: A Merger of Equals?

New data shows the critical role parents play in homeownership and home buying... More

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Mix Shift: Sized and Priced to Sell

As higher end second-time move-up and move-up demand softens, momentum kicks up... More

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Affordable Housing for New York's Sandy-Flooded Areas?

New York Mayor Bill deBlasio says he wants to create tens of thousands of housing... More

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Reading Your Client from Curb to Kitchen

Home improvement industry consultant Dennis Schaefer highlights the key points... More

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Are Translated Policy Manuals Necessary?

Q. Are Translated Policy Manuals Necessary? I believe an employee policy manual is required for general contractors in California, and employees must sign off on having read it. But many Spanish-speaking workers don't read English. How do contractors hand More

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Beyond the Two-Acre Backyard: Planning for Affordable Housing More

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