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WarmBoard Warmsource Total Warmth System

The Warmsource system simplifies hydronic heating by stuffing all the manifolds... More

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Baseboard Heat Covers

Remodeler Randal Patterson shows how to make simple wooden covers for hydronic... More

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Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A reader ponders whether to stick with steam or convert to hydronic. More

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Q&A: Closing a House for the Winter

I have customers who wants me to build a log home that will be used seasonally, for about two months of the summer and another two months in the winter. During the rest of the year they want to leave the house closed up and unheated. We're at the edge of the Rocky Mountain Front Range in eastern British Columbia, and winter temperatures often fall to 20F. I've discouraged the clients from installing a hydronic heating system because of the difficulty of draining it twice a year (draining the domestic water will be headache enough), but what other potential problems should I be thinking about? I'm concerned that the radical swings in temperature could damage interior finishes More

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Contemporary range hoods, pro-duty ratchets, heat-loss calculator, time-saving floor finisher, laminate ceiling planks, carbide chop-saw blades, more More

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Indirect-Fired Water Heaters

In homes heated with a boiler, an indirect-fired tank can provide domestic hot water reliably and efficiently. A pair of industry experts explain what to look for. More

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Stachybotrys mold, contractor licensing, radiant heat claims, Business Tune-Up, more More

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Trade Talk: Growing Pains for Potable-Water PEX

Although manufacturers of PEX tubing tout its many advantages, most plumbers still prefer copper More

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Hydronic heating guide, basic engineering text, more More

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Fine-Tuning Forced-Hot Air

A heating contractor details how to upgrade from a typical bare-bones heating... More

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