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Weak Tornado Wipes Out Blighted Buildings in New Orleans

An EF-0 tornado dealt the final blow to some neglected dwellings in the iconic... More

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Foundation Wall Pour for an Urban Infill Project

JLC follows the action as a concrete crew places the foundation for a four-unit... More

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Urban Infill Market Booms in Portland, Maine

A hot market in parts of the city has set off a surge of tight-lot teardowns and... More

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Best Mix for Pumped Concrete

Plans for an infill project call for a poured stem-wall foundation, but the urban site has limited access for a regular concrete truck. A pumper truck would be ideal, but I'm concerned that the pumped mix won't provide the required 4,000-psi concrete. Is this a legitimate concern? More

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Q&A: A "Half-Timbered" Tudor with Stucco

Q: Can a timber-framed home have a stucco exterior, with the timbers exposed on the exterior, in the Tudor manner? More

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Installing Suspended Ceilings

Here’s how to lay out and assemble professional-looking dropped ceilings. More

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By Design: Infill Housing That Fits

Infill housing — a stylish solution More

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Infill Insights

When raw land prices climb out of reach, you might want to try an infill project. Here’s what it takes to get it off the ground. More

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