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Does 'Maximize Profit' Trump All Other Choices?

Amid pressures to deliver homes by year-end, consider some decisions that secure '... More

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Dean's List

Watch this video on why the moment for HIVE is now, and why you should be there. More

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Key Differences Between Carpenters and Great Lead Carpenters: Part 2

Shawn McCadden continues his list of key skills that separate a good carpenter... More

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Storm Brewing over New Lead Paint Law

Will other states follow Maryland's lead enacting a sweeping new lead paint law... More

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Lowe's to Pay Record $500K Penalty Over Subs' Lead-Paint Rule Violations

EPA continues to bring down the RRP hammer, this time on contractors working for... More

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EPA Expands Oversight of Lead-Paint Rule

Will remodelers come to dread a letter from the EPA more than one from the IRS? More

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Sub vs. Employee: The Benefits and Challenges of Working with Subcontractors

Continuing uncertainty in the current business environment has reinforced many... More

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Lead Paint Makers Could Face The Same Fate As Big Tobacco

A lawsuit in California that seeks some $1 billion from former lead paint... More

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