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McMansion Hell Hit by Zillow Copyright Claim

Good luck with that, Zillow. More

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Should I Have an Arbitration Clause in Construction Contracts?

Although it is typical for contracts to contain arbitration clauses, it may not be... More

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Is Reefer Use a Fireable Offense?

Some employers are trying to peer through a cloud of uncertainty as marijuana goes... More

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Why Pot Policies Are the New Must-Have for Contractors

Don't be put off by one expert's understanding of how a nail gun works. The legal... More

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From What We Gather: March 6 - 10, 2017

On JLC's news radar this week: Home Depot settles data breach lawsuit, California... More

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REAXX Has Been Banned Entry to the U.S.

A court ruling that will very likely stand has sealed the fate of Bosch's... More

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Maine Landlord Draws Jail Term in Fatal Fire

After finding a Portland, Maine, landlord not guilty of manslaughter, a state... More

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NYC Foreman Guilty in Cave-In Death

An excavation death has led to a criminal conviction in a New York court More

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Mobile Phones on Construction Sites: Managing the Hazards

OSHA thinks it's time to consider the safety hazards posed by the use of mobile... More

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Florida Builder Busted for Alleged Sandy Ripoffs

New Jersey prosecutors plan to extradite a Florida contractor, charging a... More

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