Lighting Design

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Designing Balanced Lighting

A lighting designer explains why most rooms require light from a variety of... More

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Books on lighting design More

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Shopping for Recessed Lights

For a few extra dollars, a typical off-the-shelf recessed fixture can be upgraded to provide more effective light for a variety of tasks. We look at how various bulbs, trims, and housings affect performance. More

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Practical Lighting Design

Excerpted from the recently published Lighting Pattern Book for Homes, this article shows how to lay out and choose fixtures and lamps for improved light quality and better energy efficiency. More

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Low-Voltage Lighting

Besides giving greater control to display and accent lighting, low-voltage fixtures are less expensive in the long term than conventional incandescents. More

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Kitchen & Bath: Lighting a Bathroom Mirror

Lighting a bathroom mirror More

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Building With Style: Lighting on a Modest Budget
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