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Strapping Ceilings

Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs... More

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Q&A: Creating a Non-Combustible Wall Behind a Gas Stove

What's the best way to create a non-combustible surface behind a gas stove in a living room? More

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JLC April Letters

Joists in an old floor, repairing a concrete slab in an old floor, and more. More

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Basement Stairs Transplant

Stacking the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor opens up the... More

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SawStop Contractor Table Saw

SawStop Contractor Table Saw More

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Mitt Romney's New Utah Home To Have Secret Room

Don’t tell anybody, but behind that bookcase is a room with more books. More

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Beefing Up Attic Joists for Living Space

I need to convert an attic to livable space with minimal disruption to first-floor... More

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Remodeling a Shotgun Flat

A Chicago designer finds ingenious ways to squeeze more elbow room from a cramped... More

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Which Window Area Ratio Is Better?

Q: I've seen window glazing area recommendations for energy-efficient houses stated in two ways: as a percentage of conditioned square footage and as a percentage of exterior wall area. Which is most useful, and why? More

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Floor Level of the Garage

Q: Can the floor of an attached garage be at the same elevation as the floor of adjacent living space, or does there have to be a step down into the garage? More

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