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Five Things I Wish the Remodeling Industry Would Change

Here are just five things I wish all remodelers and the industry would change, but won’t. More

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A Visual Guide to Understanding Markup and Margin

To successfully price a job, there are a few basic terms you need to understand. More

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Projecting Markup, Margin, and Sales

Start by using these simple formulas. More

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Comparing Contractor Markups Can Be Pointless and Very Risky

Comparing or copying markups or margins is pointless and very risky without... More

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How Long Does It Take Before A New Construction Business Sees A Profit?

Shawn McCadden discusses various factors affecting new business profitability. More

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Markup vs. Margin

Do you know the difference? More

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Making Sense of Markup

Suggestions for what to say when clients ask: What's your markup? More

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The Pitfalls of Hybrid Estimating

A look at three ways to create an estimate, with varying proportions of labor,... More

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Do the Math: Digging a Hole With Discounts

A lot of contractors answer customer price objections by offering discount. In... More

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