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Explosions Draw Attention to Gas Risk

Building explosions drew national attention to the risk of gas lines this month.... More

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Electronic Sump Pump Switch

LevelGuard is a submersible electronic sump pump switch designed to replace a... More

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Dressed-Up Suspended Ceiling

Why settle for an institutional-looking ceiling just to provide access to... More

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Pressure-Testing Ductwork

Everyone talks about the importance of sealed ductwork, but the only way to be... More

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Installing A Heat-Recovery Ventilator

A ventilation contractor explains the ducting, sizing, wiring, and balancing that produce an effective HRV installation. More

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Designing & Testing Forced-Air Systems

Here are steps you can take to ensure proper sizing and installation of air-conditioning and forced-air heating. Included is a list of detailed specifications that will guarantee state-of-the-art performance. More

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Q&A: Air Quality Problem in Entry

Q: I have been called to solve an air-quality problem at a house with air-lock entries. The house has hydronic heat. The vestibules have no mechanical ventilation, and the air quality is poor. What type of ventilation do you suggest for these very small rooms? More

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Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation System

Homeowners and code officials are beginning to insist on better mechanical ventilation systems. A ventilation expert helps you choose the best system for your climate. More

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