Mergers and Acquisitions

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TTS Tooltechnic Systems Buys SawStop

Festool's parent company has acquired SawStop. More

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SB&D Buys Craftsman Brand for $900M

Stanley Black&Decker just acquired an iconic brand in an unusual deal More

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How Small Jobs Killed My Business

Chasing energy rebates takes the focus off solving problems and puts it on getting... More

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Digitally-Drawn Facade

Check it out, urges Roe: New exterior materials "drawn" in a new way. More

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JLC June Letters

Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws. More

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Readers Comment on Decks, Joist Spans, and Faux Stone

Reader comments and author replies on "Strong, Safe Decks (Sep/13), continuous joists (Q&A, Oct/13), and stone veneer (Sep/13). More

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Shutter Repair

Q: I'm in the process of renovating a home with traditional louvered shutters. Some of them need to have the tilt rod replaced, but I'm not sure how best to reattach the staples that connect the individual louvers to the rod. Is there a special tool that can be used to squeeze the staples in place? More

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Q&A: Reinforcing a Slab Over Disturbed Soil

Q. I need to pour a thickened-edge slab foundation for a two-story garage apartment across a recently dug 2-foot-wide utility trench. The backfill over the trench has subsided, and I'm concerned that the foundation may sag and crack at that point. Can I add rebar to the slab to span this area, or is it better to mechanically compact the trench area? More

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Q&A: Placing Wall Receptacles

Q. An old house I'm working on has too few wall outlets to meet code. What are the rules for spacing and positioning of new outlets? Can I place them in the baseboard trim? More

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Q&A: Housewrap in Hot, Humid Climates

Q. I'm in discussions with an architect regarding the pros and cons of using Grace Ice and Water Shield or a similar membrane material as a housewrap. These materials are more expensive than Tyvek or 15# felt but can't be beat when it comes to the wind-driven rain we get here in the Florida Panhandle. My architect has cited Paul Fisette's articles on felt, housewraps, and flashings as his reason for requiring felt ("Making Walls Watertight," 12/95; "Housewrap vs. Felt," 11/98). But Paul Fisette works in a "heating" climate, not a "cooling" climate like ours. Would he recommend different details for a hot, humid climate? More

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