Metalworking Tools

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Installing a Flat-Seam Copper Roof

Old-school metal still works as a premium roof option. More

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Atlas Roofing WeatherMaster TU Ultra SE

This self-adhesive, high-temperature underlayment is designed for use with tile,... More

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Fastening Metal Roofing

Could fasteners being driven through the valleys of the metal corrugation be the... More

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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Is using a grounding screw required when working with metal electrical boxes? And what about grounding when using plastic boxes? More

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November 2014 Letters

Emailing proposals; strapping ceilings; caulking fiber-cement joints More

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A Shop-Built Bay Window

A template simplifies the math for the hybrid frame. More

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18-Volt Cordless Recip Saws

Cordless is convenient, but not if it sacrifices power and runtime. This tool test... More

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Bosch 18V Multi-X Oscillating Multi-Tool

A handy remodeling tool for everything from delicate material removal to finishing... More

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Soldering Seams

Regardless of the iron or tip used, soldering requires some prep work. Make sure that the tip is clean and that the four facets are flat and meet at a sharp point. More

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