Moisture Barriers

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Rev Up the Vapor Engine

In the ongoing debate over which is better: plywood or OSB? what Joe Lstiburek... More

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Drainage for Stucco
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Best Practice Housewrap and Window Flashing

Seen at JLC-Live: Peter Heard's Building Clinic on Installing Cedar Siding begins with a detailed discussion and step-by-step instruction on integrating housewrap and window flashing to prevent leaks and other moisture problems. More

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Sheathing Damage From Using Wide, Impermeable Flashing

In cold climates,wide, impermeable flashing can inhibit drying, leading to some... More

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Repairing Stone Patios Over Living Space

Thorough waterproofing is essential for a leak-free job More

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Huber's 10-Inch Zip System Stretch Tape

The wider stretch tape makes light work of deeper rough openings More

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USG Securock UltraLight Glass-Mat Sheathing

The panels are up to 20% lighter than other products used under brick and stucco More

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Lightweight Tile Backer

GoBoard weighs less than cementboard and can be cut with a utility knife. More

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