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Petri Dish House

A cautionary tale of high indoor humidity, mold problems, and what not to do in a... More

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Panned Bays

Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system? More

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Fastening and Finishing PVC Trim

The best ways to get the most out of this popular material. More

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Drone Building Inspections

The future is now: Inspectors turn to small, flying robots to scope out buildings. More

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Studying Moisture in Fat Walls

Comparing the performance of a cellulose-insulated double wall against the same... More

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FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Tape

This innovative product is applied like paper tape but won’t stretch when wet,... More

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PVC Ceiling

Zip-Up Ceiling offers a quick way to finish a basement ceiling: Install trim... More

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Venting the Crawlspace

Most crawlspaces are vented to the outdoors, but encapsulating the crawlspace has... More

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Damage From Roof Moss

That green growth on your roof might be causing expensive damage to many parts of... More

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Bad Odor in HVAC System

That bad smell coming from your customer's A/C might be from construction dust that got onto the coils and condensate pan. More

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