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Mix Shift: Sized and Priced to Sell

As higher end second-time move-up and move-up demand softens, momentum kicks up... More

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Will The Shutdown Affect The Housing Market?

The effects of the stalemate in Washington will likely grow worse the longer it lasts. More

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Florida Offers Principal Reductions to Underwater Homeowners

The Florida Housing Finance Corporation has announced plans to set aside $350 million for mortgage principal reduction grants to homeowners who owe more than their houses are worth. More

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Maryland Faces Second Foreclosure Wave

Supplies of foreclosed homes are drying up in much of the U.S. But Maryland is experiencing a new rush of foreclosures, after a lag of several years. More

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Coastal Courts Send Mixed Messages on Foreclosure

Coastal Courts Send Mixed Messages on Foreclosure More

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Snake-Infested Idaho House

It was a story to gladden the heart of an editor or blogger facing a slow news day... More

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Builders Seek "Transfer Fees" to Profit from Future Home Sales

Practice is called "a new form of price gouging" by lender group. More

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Give Your Customers Some Credit

Give your customers some credit More

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Wetlands Done Right

For coastal developers, the preservation of wetlands often seems like a hindrance... More

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