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More Than 'Tips' Needed to Improve Energy Efficiency

A thorough, step-by-step analysis that treats the home as an integrated system is the only route to true performance improvements, including lower energy bills and better indoor air quality. More

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TVA-ORNL Project Provides a Window on the Payback of Energy Upgrades

Study finds that modest upgrades in insualtion and HVAC equipment dramatically... More

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Floor joist patch kits; saws with lights, dust controls, deeper cuts; decorative vinyl windows; gutter cleaning; more More

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Insulation upgrades, shingles claim leaves no satisfaction, lumber grading, hidden deck fasteners, pullout step stools, drywall clips More

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Low-Cost, High-Value Upgrades

These economical interior features build customer satisfaction while adding little in the way of cost. More

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Q&A: Upgrading Two-Prong Outlets

Q: How about upgrading old two-prong ungrounded outlets from the ’70s and back? More

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Putting a Limit on Allowances

Three’s the magic number in this system for managing client product selections. Learn how one builder guides homeowners through this difficult process, creating goodwill and saving the schedule along the way. More

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