Outdoor Kitchens

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Backyard Living

Sell clients on making the outdoors as functional as indoors. More

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Outfit Outdoor Kitchens with New Products from Coyote Outdoor

Grilling, smoking, and food prep are all covered with these introductions More

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Houzz Study: Homeowners Want Backyard Upgrades

The 2016 Landscaping & Garden Trends Study signals summer opportunities for... More

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Welcome to Backyard Living

New digital magazine explores topics in America's growing love-affair with outdoor... More

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Deck Grommet Pro Floor Box Keeps Exterior Outlets Out of the Way

Unsightly electrical outlets are hidden under the deck and made available only... More

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Hybrid Fire Grills

Settle the grill fuel debate with a little of everything. These grills use gas,... More

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Tips for Optimizing Your Website Navigation

Tips on how to optimize your website navigation to help your audience—as well as the search engines—find your valuable content more easily. More

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Great Outdoor Living

Take the kitchen to the great outdoors! Check out some of the outdoor living... More

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Clearances for Outdoor Cookers

My clients want to install a built-in high-Btu gas griller as part of a planned outdoor kitchen on the deck attached to their house. Can the cooker be placed under a protective overhang created by extending the existing roof? More

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