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Training Tomorrow's Trades

Vermont painter Scott Burt conducts training seminars and produces online curriculum for the next generation of painting professionals. More

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Cordless Airless Sprayer

Scott Burt gives us an up-close look at Graco's airless hand-held sprayer geared for carpenters and remodelers. More

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Refinishing a Hail-Damaged Home

While time consuming and costly, the surface restoration was still significantly... More

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Using Old Paint

Even in ideal storage conditions, paint changes over time. More

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Exterior Finishes

The durability of any exterior finish, be it a paint, stain or clear finish, often comes down to how well drainable the cladding is and how well you prep the surface. More

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Interior Prep Done Right

Experts Scott Burt and Todd Pudvar, offer a video version of their JLC-Live training on finishing interior woodwork. More

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When Paint Problems Happen

Each process comes with a sequence of steps requiring consistent habits to... More

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Fastening and Finishing PVC Trim

The best ways to get the most out of this popular material. More

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EPA Expands Oversight of Lead-Paint Rule

Will remodelers come to dread a letter from the EPA more than one from the IRS? More

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