Passive Design

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A High-Performance Country Cottage

Mixing curb appeal with ground-breaking wall framing, this home could be heated... More

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Maine Multifamily Passive House Gets Out of the Ground

In multifamily construction, quality is a management challenge. If you're shooting... More

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Deep Rafters for a Massachusetts Passive House

The massive ridge beam and deep I-joist rafters in this custom Passive House aren’... More

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Brewer, Maine Multifamily Shoots for Passive House

A multifamily project in frigid Maine shoots to meet a tough standard for energy efficiency. More

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Insulated Footings for a Massachusetts Passive House

A Massachusetts builder starts a custom Passive House in suburban Boston with... More

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Tips for a Net Zero House

Using a house he recently completed in Austin, Texas, Matt Risinger succinctly... More

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Warm House for a Cold, Cold Winter

This past month was the coldest February on record in Connecticut, but inside Mike... More

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