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A Compact Plumbing Filter
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Five Most Common Plumbing Code Violations

Red flags to watch before the next plumbing inspection. More

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Viega Copper-to-PEX Transition Fittings

Merge copper and PEX tubing systems with these smart fittings. More

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Lineup of Linear Shower Drains

An installer's look at a selection of current products More

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California Faucet ZeroDrain

Rather than the usual protruding stopper and lift rod, this drain has a "pop-down"... More

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Rinnai Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater

More hot water without remodeling the plumbing More

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Saniswift Gray Water Pumping System

A Saniswift gray-water pump makes it easier to add plumbing fixtures to rooms with... More

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Noble Co. Thin-Bed Drain

The low profile of Noble Co.'s Thin-Bed Drain makes it ideal for barrier-free... More

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PEX Alternative

Zurn Pex hy-PE-RTube is flexible, so it can be made to lie flat during installation More

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