Prequalifying Leads

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Do the Math - Qualified Leads

A low close ratio could signal a sales problem. But it might also mean that you... More

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Budgeting for your marketing, sales, and project starts More

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Track Your Business With a Dashboard

Even companies with good systems can get into trouble if they don’t manage their... More

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Save Time With a Lead Sheet

The first estimate my company ever produced was for a basement remodel. I spent an... More

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Prevent Errors With a Quality-Control Checklist

At my remodeling company, we rely on many forms and checklists to run our jobs.... More

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Blueprint for Successful Marketing

Whether you're a small, one-person operation or a company with 50 employees, an effective marketing program will help you build a healthier business. More

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Strictly Business: The Nice Customer Niche

Finding and keeping nice clients More

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Strictly Business: Effective Call Screening

Screening enquiry calls to find the right customers More

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Strictly Business: Rethinking Close-Rate Ratios

Turning more leads into sales More

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Working Smarter With Lead Carpenters

A production manager for a large remodeling firm explains how the lead carpenter system improves communication, increases job efficiency, and boosts profits. More

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