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Adding a Point Load to a Post-Tensioned Foundation

Q: When making structural changes that involve adding a point load to a house built on a post-tensioned concrete slab, is it necessary to add a footing for a structural post? I'm concerned that cutting through the slab to pour a pad footing could sever on More

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Why Doesn't a Post-Tensioned Slab Buckle?

Q: Is it possible that a post-tensioned garage slab could literally buckle in half when the tendons are tensioned, or does rebar in the slab prevent that from happening? Also, why are these types of slabs so common in Las Vegas? Is it because of the soil? More

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Demo Near Post-Tension Cables

Q. What precautions should you take when tearing out a post-tensioned slab? What are the risks? We are pouring a large post-tensioned slab, and while there is no demo involved at this stage, I would like to know how to proceed in case there is a plumbing More

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Post-Tensioned Slabs

Expansive soils can wreak havoc on conventional wire-mesh reinforced slabs. A... More

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