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Personalized Roofing Apps from GAF

Products Editor Lauren Hunter and Emily Cavanagh of GAF present four iPad apps... More

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Dallas Implements Green Building Code

Starting October 1, new homes in Dallas, Texas must be “certifiable” under LEED guidelines or meet equivalent city standards. More

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Put Your Construction Business Purchasing Systems to Work

In July we discussed the basics of a purchasing system, and how it can help you... More

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Make More Money By Controling The Growth Of Your Building Business

When I was a young builder in the early '80s, there was an old-timer in town who... More

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Water-Efficient Bath Products

Water conservation is an integral part of the green movement. Watch to see bath... More

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Getting Real About Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the long-term energy performance of homes, there is little doubt — particularly after the recent spike in oil prices — that the marketplace is going to start expecting greater accountability and more sophisticated analysis. More

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Surviving the Recession

We’re in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty in the financial markets, and consumer confidence is the lowest it’s been in a long time. It seems that no one really knows what’s going to happen. More

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Removing Epoxy Grout

Q: After the tile installer left one of our recent projects, we found dried epoxy grout on some of the bathroom's fixtures. He also failed to remove the grate from the shower drain when he grouted and now excess epoxy clogs the drain and fills in the screw slots, making it impossible to remove the grate for cleaning or replacement. Is there an easy way to clean up his mess? More

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In the News

Homes for injured veterans; layoffs in the housing sector; call 811 before digging... More

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No More Bids: Switching to Negotiated Contracts

I used to run my business the way most contractors do: I'd visit potential clients... More

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