Recycled Concrete

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Lightweight Green Pavers

Vast's Composite Pavers are made almost entirely from recycled materials - mostly... More

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Remodeling opportunities abound; weatherization wages too low; in defense of vinyl siding; more More

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Recycled Form Boards?

Can concrete form boards be reused for framing, or does exposure to concrete weaken framing lumber? More

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On Site With Pervious Concrete

Stormwater runoff flows right through this porous concrete pavement. More

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Q&A: A Use for Recycled Concrete

Q. One of the contractors I'm interviewing to install a driveway surfaced with interlocking concrete pavers has suggested using recycled concrete rather than processed stone as a base material. He claims he's used it already on several driveways and that More

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The Business of Building Green

A custom builder describes how he has made a profitable niche of building houses... More

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Q&A: Penetration of PT Chemicals

Q: Our local lumberyard carries .40 CCA-pressure-treated wood. The label says the wood may be used for ground contact. The wood has needle marks from the treating process. When I cut the lumber, the treatment appears to be only about 1/4 inch deep, which doesn’t seem adequate for sill plates in contact with concrete. I have also used .60 PT, and it shows green all the way through when cut. However, my supplier assures me that the .40 PT will not fail from either insects or moisture. Is he right? More

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Profit with deconstruction; lumber prices; cold-weather concrete pours without cracking; straw-bale research results; no more USG EIFS; warm yourself with microwaves; more More

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Green Building For Profit

These builders switched from commercial construction to environmentally... More

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Eco-Friendly Building Products

We review some practical products and materials that carry the green label. More

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