Renewable Energy

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What's Up With Solar Roof Tiles?

There's a lot of buzz around roof-integrated photovoltaics lately. Here, Brooke... More

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Rhode Island Wind Power Farm Enters Final Phase

The first offshore windmill generating plant in the United States is nearing completion. More

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San Antonio Pivots to PV

Sunny San Antonio, Texas is shaping up as one of the nation's top cities for... More

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Tesla Powerwall: Not Just for Solar

From emergency backup to load shifting, energy storage batteries going into... More

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Florida Voter Initiative Could Shape the Renewable-Energy Future

Competing referendum drives in Florida could make or break the rooftop solar panel... More

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Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas. More

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Proposal to Require Hot Water Pipe Insulation

To curtail wasted water and energy, the NRDC and the UA propose that all hot water piping systems in new buildings be insulated, such as those serving lavatories, showers, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. More

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Palo Alto Rule: All New Houses Must Be Electric Vehicle-Ready

From now on, new homes in Palo Alto must be wired for an electric-vehicle charger. More

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