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After all these Years, "Smart House" Gets a Boost

The announcement last week that Google is paying $3 billion to acquire Nest, a maker of Internet-connected home products, seems to have legitimized what some are calling a nascent market (but it's been around for decades). More

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Trench Collapse Kills Missouri Man At New Home Site

An excavation cave-in snuffed out the life of 49-year-old Brian D. Allen of Windsor, Missouri, last week. More

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Home Price Rises Moderate

The housing market still has momentum, according to the latest numbers. But the... More

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Fire Sprinkler Debate: Still Smoldering

Firefighters and home builders are still at odds over the issue of proposed code... More

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Hillyer Place Remodel

Michael Sauri, owner of TriVista USA, walks you through a unique basement remodel... More

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When to Use a Heat-Pump Water Heater

Q: A customer wants me to install one of the new heat-pump water heaters in the ground-floor utility room of a house built on a slab. I don't have any direct experience with them, but since they work by drawing heat from the surrounding air, won't any energy savings in the winter be at least partly offset by the cost of heating that indoor air to begin with? And could the outflow of cool air from the utility room cause comfort problems? More

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Maine Passive House Starting to Perform

Maine Passive House Starting to Perform~ More

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Stabilizing a Hillside Foundation

Helical piers anchor a house on a sliding slope. More

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Flood Aid Standoff Almost Triggered Government Shutdown ~
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